Case for managing and storing all graded coins of different standards such as PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, etc.

“Key Features”

1. It can hold all graded coins with different standards such as PCGS, NGC, ANACS, and ICG.

When coins are authenticated by a grading organization, they are marked with the country of issue, year of issue, condition, etc., and sealed in a special plastic holder. The plastic holder has different standards depending on the grading company, so the size of the plastic holder is measured and the storage area is rounded for smooth storage.

2. The exterior and interior materials are specially designed to gently protect the precious coins.

The exterior is made of a lightweight aluminum frame and the interior is made of EVA material that excels in impact resistance. The EVA material absorbs shock and prevents damage to the plastic holder even if the case is dropped on the ground when stored in this storage case, as it is lightweight at about 500g yet durable.

3. Coins can be identified at a glance without opening and closing the case.

The top cover is made of transparent acrylic, so you can identify coins at a glance without opening and closing the case by using the attached label stickers.

“About label stickers”

Since different grading companies have different standards for plastic holders, and the area for applying labels is narrow, label stickers will peel off easily.

Also, if you use a strong adhesive type label, it will be harder to pull off, but it will stick firmly to the plastic holder, so when you peel it off, the adhesive glue may stick to the plastic holder, the hologram on the back may come off, and the condition of the plastic holder will deteriorate.

In addition, since the label is to be written on with a pen, it is desirable to use high-quality paper that can be written on with both water-based and oil-based pens.

I think there is no label that can solve these problems. “Slabel seal” is a label that realizes such a “wish”.

The feature of the label seal I developed is that two labels are attached to each other.

(1) The transparent label is made using a weak adhesive glue that can be re-peeled. They come off easily if you just place them normally, so you need to wrap them around the sturdy plastic holder to cover it.

(2) The write-on label is made of high quality paper with strong adhesive glue. After writing the coin’s information, the label is attached to the transparent label described in (1).

By using a double-layered structure of the transparent label and the write-on label, it is possible to identify coins at a glance without opening and closing the case, as shown in the photo.

Product Information

Product name SS20(Slab Storage boxes)
Size 34cm (length) x 11cm (width) x 10cm (height)
Materials (exterior) aluminum alloy, black synthetic leather, ABS plastic, acrylic plate
(Interior) EVA material
Weight Approx. 500g
Colors BB (Black × Black)
SB (Silver × Black)
Number of sheets that can be stored 20 sheets
Accessories 20 Slabel seals
Country of Origin China (*Slabel seals are made in Japan)

My passion to invent this coin case.

A few years ago, when I was looking for a case that could hold PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, etc., I came across a storage case. Even though the selling point of the case said that it could hold PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICG, etc., the case was not capable of storing them at all.

I really wanted to store my collection in a case that I was comfortable with, and I have been trying to make coin cases since 2017. I had a strong desire to make them in Japan, my home country, but it was not cost effective, so I went to China to find a factory, make samples, and produce them.

The first model was created in 2018, and although it was manufactured as per the specifications, I was not satisfied with the quality.

For the second model, I wanted to change the materials and make something with a higher quality, so I spent twice the cost of the first model to make it. This second model was exhibited and sold at the 2019 Hong Kong coin show, but the increased cost did not improve the quality.

I thought I would stop making coin cases, but there were many people who empathized with my idea, and I felt I couldn’t give up yet, so after more than three years, I finally came up with a third model in 2020 that I was satisfied with.

Currently, I am selling only in Japan, and I have sold about 200 units in 4 months.
My dream is to have all the 30 million coin collectors in the world use this coin case. And I would like to gather a lot of feedback and improve it.

If you have any interest, please contact us.

Naoya Okimura, Treasure Dots